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Restaurant - art salon "Rojaus arka” (Paradise Arch) has been established in the particular place of Vilnius where it is said that two hundred years ago people lived as if inheaven. The facade of the building is facing the Gates of Down and the Rojaus (Heaven) street passed nearby. Now there are held art and musical evenings.

The restaurant seats 50 people. A small yet carefully chosen menu offers a range of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes to suit all tastes. For those who prefer meat dishes we suggest steaks with various original sauces: thornberry - cognac, red wine and plums, tomato - red pepper, cranberry and other. If you would like to taste Lithuanian dishes “Rojaus arka” offers special menu of regional cuisine. You will be pleasantly surprised - no fat and a lot of vegetables in lithuanian dishes.

Also desserts with tempting names Mažoji nuodėmė (A Little Sin) and Maža pagunda (A Small Temptation). A cup of coffee and classical music will lift your spirits.